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Showreel | Eugene Simonov

"Go All The Way" - Visual Poem

Words of Hope | 026 - ”Running”

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Eugene Simonov is a Television Academy Award-winning filmmaker and director of photography, based in NYC. For over twelve years, he has produced numerous commercials, promotional videos, short documentaries, documentary TV shows, and other video projects. In 2016, he received his MBA with a concentration in media business and digital marketing. His passion for telling human stories brought him to both the commercial and creative world, employing documentary and experimental approaches to a diverse range of projects.
He is a director and cinematographer of Excavating the Sky, Words of Hope web series, and multiple episodes of the Voice of America documentary TV Show "Our American Story." In 2016, Eugene won a student Emmy for the best unscripted mini-series at the 37th College Television Awards, presented by the Television Academy Foundation. He spent the last ten years in the Washington, DC metro area leading the video production department as a creative director and DP at WGTS 91.9 Media. Whether it is his gripping use of movement or a unique approach to narrative, at its core, Simonov’s artistry succeeds through its ability to move people toward each other.

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