“Excavating the Sky" - Short Documentary

It's a short film of a debut collection of poems "Excavating the Sky" by Konstantin Kulakov. NYC, 2015

Promo Video - Washington Adventist University

Promotional video for Graduate School at Washington Adventist University. Washington, DC, 2015.

"Words of Hope" Web Series - Teaser

A web series of short films that are produced for WGTS Media in Washington, DC


The Story Project - Doug

He's provided comfort during extreme weather events here in the DC area for nearly 40 years, but Doug Hill recalls a time he needed comfort during one of the most difficult storms of his life.
Washington,DC, 2017

"Go All The Way" - Visual Poem

Nevada, 2018


“Mysterious Writing” - Short Documentary 

In all began in 1997 when he saw the news of Princess Diana’s death...

Washington, DC 2016